neděle 18. května 2014

today dream: shoot-out

i was kind part of some swat or something. something army type. we were somewhere in the undreground streets and had shoot-out there. i was refilling automatic guns for others. they were trying to catch someone and kept shooting all around. i was supposed to meet my mum, but she havent know about my job. noone has. it was secret. i was a lot nervous about that meeting and they told me i can not go until finished hunting. i tried to be fastest as possible while reffiling the automatic guns. bullets where everywhere around. once i saw a pretty girl in the corner of the stairs and told her its dangerous to stay there and she said "its ok, no problem". next time i saw her, she was lieing on the blanket on the ground, trying to sleep. crazy idea. bullets were everywhere and then i realized the target is above the corner. there were two possibilities: tell the others, but they might be slow, or try to shoot it by myself. because it was above/behind the corner, some bullet bounced and hit my head. i had no shield or helmet anymore that time. i checked i was not hurt and decide to go and shoot. so i ran above the corner and shoot a lot. i think i shot the target, but also felt blood an my throat. then i woke up.

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