sobota 26. července 2014

today dream: ice race

today dream was sand and ice race at foreign chocolate country.

first of all i was searching shops for the best chocolate of the world. cause my family and friends asked me to. the chocolates were very quite big and very expensive or small samples and quite cheap. so i decide to buy those small samples and give it to more people.

then the day of the race has begun. i kind of missed the start (dont know why, havent overslept) and was deciding if run or not. i decide to run and i have been faster than anyone else. the race was kind of special. first of there was sand and dunes with some spot and stripes patterns (like computer one) dont know how to describe better.

the other part of the race was the ice race. it was some kind of ice cave with corridors. the corridors became smaller and smaller. i had some small child behind me. the small child got blocked in the smallest part of the corridor and was not able to move.

now the saddest part of the dream. they did not know what to do with the stucked child. so they called its mother to hold its hand. and then they were deciding if giving the child food and let it die its own way and longer, or shot it and and give it a peace.

they decide to shot it

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